Duet 3 Overshooting Temps

  • Hey guys, I'm working with duet 3 / 3.1.1 and have a 3HC attached.

    Ive got an issue where all of my heaters seem to be overshooting set temperatures by around 5-8C. I have ran M303 and produced a code that looks like "M307 H0 A222.7 C396.5 D16.3 V24.5 B0". Copied to config, however it doesn't seem to change anything.

    Ive ran M303 several times and it produces slightly different values each time though without change, This is happening with hotend and bed heaters. Any advice

  • Solved by lowering PWM

  • administrators

    Increasing the M307 A parameter a little would probably solve it too.

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