G29 Error over Internet or VPN

  • Hi G29 returns me errors in some cases.
    When I call it from

    • panel Due : No error
    • Web Control in local network : No error
    • Web Control throug my professional VPN : d29dd4e3-579d-43d2-a59c-ef25d8f40cd4-image.png
    • Web Control throug Internet without VPN : Gateway Time-out

    In my rooter I only forward the port 80.
    Maybe I need to forward other ports ?

    This is not a big problem as the probing is done anyway.


  • administrators

    You need a permanent connection from DSF to DWC while a code is being executed. I guess your VPN tunnel doesn't leave the HTTP connection for the G29 request open as long as it is running so you get an error message from DWC at some point. It shouldn't affect the mesh probing though.

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