SOLVED Dumpster CoreXY Printer: Mirrored Prints

  • Hi all,

    Picked up a COREXY printer someone threw out in the dumpster and hooked it up to a duet2 wifi board. Looking to get help with motor configuration.

    Printed the X Y Z calibration cube and the Z letter is flipped. Looking to get help on how to configure this printer with the duet 2 wifi board.

    Currently with the following configuration:
    P0 S0
    P1 S0
    This will result in the following:

    With this configuration, this will flip the X and Y axis
    P0 S0
    P1 S1
    This will result in the following:

    I think I need to flip the X axis, but I am only able to flip the Y axis.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • @Veti How do you know which orientation to look at the printer from? the current printer configuration as shown in the photos is to the top right, when looking at the bed.

    If I'm following the tutorial, how do I know which orientation to look at the movement from?

  • well you have to decide where the bottom left of your printer is.
    that is 0,0 the origin. from there on you start adjusting everything.

  • @Veti OMG thanks so much. This community is awesome. I just needed that answer about the origin, home and swapping the motor configuration around. Thanks so much!

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