WiFi Short? Errors running M552 Command

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    I came across a rather odd problem with the Duet today. My PanelDue wasn't connecting and then my Duet kept dropping contact from my computer. (every 30 seconds or so). After doing a new firmware install and the works, I finally tracked down the error - any time I try to set up the WiFi or enable it, the card will restart about 30 seconds later.

    Could this be caused by a short in the WiFi module? I remember feeling it recently after about 3 minutes of running (power was then off), and it was surprisingly warm (like maybe 70C?). Any thoughts? I'm just running without WiFi right now.

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    Are you running from internal 5V power, or relying on USB power?

    Is anything on the board getting hot, in particular the main processor (large square chip) or the 3.3V regulator chip (rectangular black chip with 3 legs on one side and a tab on the other)?

    The WiFi chip runs warm but not hot when it is enabled. If something else is drawing excessive power from the 3.3V rail, then it's possible that the extra load when the WiFi module is enabled is causing the 3.3V regulator to go into thermal shutdown.

    Try disconnecting the Z probe and any 3-wire endstops you have connected, in case any of those is drawing excessive power, and see if the problem persists.

  • I actually think this was the first sign of problems. After attempting to load the rest of the firmware, I noticed the temperature daughter-board getting super hot. Pulled everything out and now it refuses to even be recognized by the USB port. I can erase it and it registers, but every time I load that 1.18.1 firmware, it gets ignored by the USB, even with the updated drivers.

    RIP early Duet WiFi card. If anyone has any thoughts on the cause of death, I wouldn't mind speculation.

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    I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. Which type of temperature daughter board was it?

  • It was a thermocouple board.

    The last two things I did before it died was (1) connect the thermocouple board, and (2) install a fan with a large capacitor (diode included).

    I've bought a new wifi with thermocouple board and I'm removing the large capacitor from the design - hoping to eliminate whatever it was that caused the problem in the first place.

    Thanks for your help.

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