Ways to improve this height map?

  • I am running a duet wifi and delta smart effector on a rostock max v2. After having some other hurdles to get through I was able to get the printer calibrated. The problem I'm running into now is that my heightmap is wonky, the deviation seems insanely high to me and it is far better than the deviation I was getting before.

    My heightmap currently looks like this 89b7af8e-28fe-4a4d-acb7-8ef229aa103b-image.png

    I thought it was perhaps ridging in the x but it did not look as prominent compared to older forum posts.

    I cannot tell if it is a my sensitivity, delta radius, probing speed or acceleration that could be causing such wild deviations.

    Has anyone had similar issues and resolved them? I will add my config.g or other files if requested.

  • Have you tried printing with that height map? How does your first layer look?

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