With or without toolboard ?

  • Hi all , I am modifying my Anycubic Chiron....only the frame and hotbed left actually from the Chiron.
    I have an enclosure for the printer and another one for the electronics part so I am planning to use a toolboard to simplify the wiring between.
    My concern is the heat in the printer enclosure on the toolboard , especially the stepper driver. I am not planning to print high temp materials for long on this ( I have another I3 Mega S that I will use mainly for high temp...hope the new Duet3 mini will be available soon so I don't have to get another Duet3 for it) so I will try to keep the enclosure temp at ~40°-50°C.
    Will this temp be safe , I will risk to overheat the driver and skip steps?
    Also are there any limitations on using the toolboard?
    I will have a Titan Aero with Volcano( nozzle X and copper plated heater block) , 40W heater , thermistor ( 104Gt) , maybe a PT100 or PT1000 in the future and BlTouch. 1 or 2 part cooling fans , 1 extra fan for the extruder motor and the Aero fan.

    Also there will be 2 optical end stops for the Z axys , one for Y and one for X. I want to use the BllTouch only for bed mesh/ mesh compensation ( forget the exact name used for this)

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    The tool board can be used in an enclosure at 50C, however the cooling will be less good at that temperature, so the maximum available stepper motor current will be reduced. If you can run the extruder motor with 1.2A or lower current then I don't think it will be a problem.

    The tool board does not support PT100 sensors but it does support PT1000.

  • Just found out the limitations page for the tool board. I will use the "compact but powerful motor " from E3D ( - Step Angle: 0.9°- Rated Current: 1.68A ) and I doubt I will need more then 1.2A , especially due the speed limitation on this type of printers with a huge bed moving.

  • if you get a bmg extruder, you will only need a pancake motor which normally are rated for 1A

  • It's a BMG style extruder 3:1 ratio. I may need to look for a pancake motor and hope they will have enough torque as this is the main problem with most pancake motors. At least from what I could find so far.

  • I ordered one and see how it works. Thanks for the suggestion

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