motor phase A may be disconnected + hotend failures

  • Hi all,

    after a couple of months of break, I turned on my printer (caresian with Duet Wifi, f.w. 3.0) and I successfully printed for around one day without any issues. The day after (yesterday) I started having the following issues:

    • motor phase A may be disconnected on driver 2 (my Z axis)
    • random hotend failures

    I unplugged the cable of my Z axis and checked, after a while I was able to print again. Then, another hotend failure. From that moment, I had a very strange behavior.
    Driver 2 would fail (with the reported error message) making very bad squeaky sounds, then after a while of plugging/unplugging (of course with the duet turned off) I managed to home my printer, started a print and DANG: the extruder started giving the same issue of my Z axis: motor phase A may be disconnected on driver 4.

    Should I just throw my Duet in the garbage?


  • first update to 3.1.1

    second those message could also be caused by bad crimping making intermittent contact.

    so if after 3.1.1 this persists, consider checking the cables under a microscope and recrimp if necessary.

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