Filament assignment for T0 lost periodically

  • 3.2.0-beta4

    Over the past few days, I have noticed that T0 periodically forgets the filament assignment it had and DWC reverts to displaying "Load Filament". The filament value under move.extruders[0] is set to "". T1 seems to retain its value.

    All was consistently stable for most of the day, however I turned off the power to the Duet board and left the SBC active for a couple of hours over dinner and noticed the issue once I powered up the Duet 3 again.

    I can't find a mechanism to reassign the filament value without running the associated load script, so M701 probably needs a P0 option for changing the assigned value without invoking any macros.

    A workaround is to delete the content of the load.g macro temporarily to avoid having to remove and reinstall the physical filament.

    It would be also nice to be able to upload individual filament script files via the UI, rather than just zip archives for the whole filament file set.

  • Sounds like I have the same issue on my printer:

    After a reboot the complete assignment is gone for me

    @chrishamm I think he can help us 🙂

  • administrators

    Thanks for reporting this, I've just fixed it in the upcoming RRF/DSF versions.

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