SD card

  • I recently purchased a Duet2 ethernet board . I
    am having a great deal of trouble sorting the .sys files for the
    SD card. The card delivered has test data on it and and directs
    you to a RepRap site. This site gives details of what to input
    to the SD card but this is quite old and I dont think it is
    compatible with the firmware (2.05.1) It should be possible to
    downoad the latest info from github but I download a .bin file
    that I cannot open on my Windows 10 machine. Any advice and help
    would be most welcome.

  • use the config tool to generate the appropriate sys files for your printer type.

  • @jay_s_uk Thanks for that. I have used it and got a .sys file out of it. I have read somewhere that code S is now used in the latest firmware as a laser switch and now has to be replaced by H. Is this true and do I have to change S whereever it appears?

  • Thats only applicable to RRF3. Shouldn't cause you an issue if running 2.05.1.
    The config tool automatically inserts the correct gcode

  • Nearly there! Downloaded the files using "Configuration tool 3.1.10". Initially got "insuficient homing" but this was cured with G92 X100 Y100 Z100. Slight problem - on initially homing X it overshot the end stop microswitch but then settle down. Now to connect the heaters and thermistors

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