Z Banding only on certain, usually larger objects

  • Not sure why, but only on larger prints am i seeming to get this odd z banding issue with prints. I switched software from superslicer to cura, and the issue followed. This sounds like a leadscrew issue right? I would be convinced it was, if the issue was reproducable on smaller objects. the effect only seems to be present when a long straight on the print is present, because even my larger print with more direction changes looks good. Maybe something is wrong with the .stl? would someone else be able to test that theory for me (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2083528)? I'm not sure at this point, and ive even had similar issues on my belted z axis machine, so i cant tell if its a software or hardware deal. the filament seems to be consistent, but ill try another brand in the meantime.
    Ive tried different leadscrews, top and no top support, different couplers and the threaded brass piece (name is blanking right now), pid tuning on bed and hotend, Different lubrication, realignment of the x axis. nada

    Any advice helps, but understand i have tried many things, short of just getting rid of the leadscrews for a corexz approach.

    . See image below

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