Duet3+SBC Lost connection/SBC crashing 3.2b4.1

  • I finally got around to upgrading my Duet3+Toolboard+SBC corexy to 3.2beta4.1(including the toolboard) and a paneldue running v3.2.4

    I am now seeing "Lost connection to Linux" on the PanelDue sometimes but the connection recovers after a while, but I also see the SBC just turn completely unresponsive over the network at times.

    The SBC is a Raspberry Pi 3b+ powered through the Duet3 board still (I haven't gotten around to switching to direct power to the Pi, but I have an official PSU on order now).

    What are recommended ways to debug this further? I had logs open in an ssh session previously but that didn't show anything when the pi was freezing that seemed out of the ordinary.

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