Duet 2 WIFI Authentication

  • Is there any way to tell if a Duet 2 WIFI is authentic or if it's a clone? I've been offered a used one but it's unclear whether it's legitimate. Seller reckons it came from 3dJake, which doesn't seem to sell them.

  • Easiest to spot is the serial number sticker* on the CPU, then subtle other visual differences, among them the silkscreen is should be different.

    The biggest difference is however support for the hardware and the copper thickness, the former might not matter for a used board as it'll be out of warranty and the latter is hard to tell by eye (but you can measure it with a micrometer in the corners where you can measure the difference between just the fiberglass and the fiberglass + copper.

    Long story short, get a picture to share for a better answer.

    *) sticker could be lost (if board has been repaired or just washed), some duet has the sticker on the bottom, but perhaps that is just the Duet2Maestro(?)

  • @bearer thanks for all the information. I've managed to get a picture but looks like the serial number sticker is missing -


  • Originals doesn't come with heatsinks either, but could retrofitted - but i'd give it a high probability of being a clone until a clear picture of the silkscreen is shown. Especially the area between the cpu, sd card and thermistor inputs.

    (That being said, it might not be a problem - if the current in use are not very high or if its a clone with 2oz copper then it'll work just fine; but don't pay top dollar for it..)

  • @bearer I think the heatsinks on the duex5 seals it. I didn't realise the original doesn't come with them. A quick search on some clone sites shows the duex5 clone comes with those exact heatsinks.

    *Edit and the heatsinks on the duet2 as well. Clones of that also come with those exact heatsinks.

    Thanks for the help

  • Both boards have the heatsinks btw, but neither of the genuine are shipped with them.

    The genuine boards use 2oz copper instead of 1oz copper for thermal performance instead of the heatsinks.

  • @bearer yep missed that at first! Shame, they were a really good price if they were authentic. Same price as a set of new clones though...

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    I would bet the silk screen on front or back would say something like "Based on Duet2Wifi" or something similar.

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