SOLVED Corner Finding z-touch plate -- How to probe in +x and +y ?

  • I'm just getting to the final stages of my CNC build and I'm trying to work out the macro's for setup of my WCS to get my carving started.

    One of the cool things I bought with my CNC kit is a corner-finding touch plate. I can put this on the corner of the workpiece and I can probe in the +x and +y direction until my tool touches the side of the touch-plate and I can detect the corner of the work piece in all three dimentions.

    The problem I have is that I can't seem to find G-Code that will let me probe in the +x and +y directions. When I try the G38 command for the y-axis it probes in "decreasing y". The instructions for G38 say that it "probes towards the workpiece", but I can't find how to tell the machine what direction the workpiece is in.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree? What method should I use to find the corner using a z-touch plate that can find corners?

  • Here is a link to the critter so you can get an idea of what it looks like and how it does its magic.

  • I wonder if re-reading the description gives me the answer. I had assumed that I needed to probe from the "outside" of the touch-plate. But if I probe from the "inside" then the current behavior can be made to work for me.

    But, I think I'd still like to know... can we somehow control which drection G38 attempts to probe in?

  • Here's my method of probing.
    Let me know if it doesn't make sense.
    I use an actual probe rather than a plate but the principal is the same.

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