M117 is spamming the web interface

  • I'm using PrusaSlicer,

    I want to pause the print at a layer so I can manually do a color change.
    After troubleshooting for over an hour, I found out my 3.2Beta3 had a M226 issue,
    So now I'm using 3.2Beta4

    The M226 command now properly runs my pause.g command,

    But my the M117 command that Prusaslicer automatically bakes into my GCODE is just spamming the web interface like crazy. It won't stop, even after I resume the print, there's all these blue message pop spam,

    And all the message spamming makes the web interface ignore some of my mouse clicks to extrude/resume/etc.

    Here's an example,

    G1 X273.205 Y115.030 E144.84155
    G1 X273.520 Y114.311 E144.87830
    G1 X273.712 Y114.007 E144.89516
    G1 Z1.610 F12000.000
    M117 "System is Paused"
    G1 X260.156 Y113.628
    G1 F3064
    G1 X278.764 Y113.628 E145.76703
    G1 X278.764 Y132.235 E146.63891
    G1 X260.156 Y132.235 E147.51078


  • Moderator

    You need to update your web interface to match the firmware you have.

    Try uploading this one


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