Update Heightmap during printing

  • Hi Experts,

    If I update the heightmap file during the printing, will the rest of print follow the new heightmap topography ?

    The reason to do is that I have a tall object to print and the surface usually warp. I have a laser scanner to determine the printed surface topography but I would like to correct it during the print.

    Thanks !

  • Tell me more about that laser scanner?

  • Hi

    The laser scanner is not really talk/connect to Duet system. The way I did is to pause the print and then run the scanner to get current print surface topography. Once the scan is done, I resume the print.

    What I would like to do is to feedback the scanned result to the Duet system for achieving better print.

    Since the gcode of the print is sent, therefore it's impossible to modify the rest of gcode. That's why I am thinking to modify the heightmap to compensate the rest layers of print.

  • Moderator

    I suppose that could be possible. You'd just have to figure out a way to merge your new height data into the heightmap.csv. Could be done manually I suppose.

    When the print is paused, you should be able to use G29 S1 P"filename" to load your newly modified map and then resume the print.

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