Filament Pre-Heating chamber

  • So yesterday I read a news article that said some researchers at a university were able to push the speed limits of various printers by pre heating the filament. They also talked about moving away from a pinch wheel extruder design will also help push the limits even more but were vary vague on both subjects.

    They did state that by pre-heating the filament that it was able to extrude at much faster speeds because it was already soft by the time it hit the hotend.

    Has anybody here tried something like this?

    I am thinking there could be a couple different ways of approaching this, maybe a specially designed heating chamber that the filament passes through or even integrating a heating element into an extruder. Thoughts?

  • Try shutting off the heat sink fan or put it on a PWM connector and slow it down.

    Connect a separate temp probe to it so you can fine tune at what temp things go wrong. Stay below that.

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