Funny issue, hotend fan affected by Haydn Rods…

  • I shamelessly copied the design of the Rostock Max v3 effector because I like it's small footprint.

    All was fine when using the 300 Haydn Rods, now that I have the 360mm rods I suddenly realized that my hotend fan was not working anymore. No big deal I thought and replaced it with another fan, by accident this one was 12V insted of the needed 24V.

    This fan worked (a short while) but it changed speed all the time while the effector was moving until it finally started sending smoke signs because 24V is way too much for the poor little 12V fan…..

    So I unscrewed my effector and gave the old fan another try. To my surprise it worked just fine.... When everything was tightend again the fan did not work anymore. (Grrr.....)

    So I started plaing arround and saw that the fan is heavily affected by the magnetic field of the rods, I can control the speed of the fan by moving if closer/further away from the rods. When you think about this behavior makes total sense...

    Do you guys have any recommendations on a good (3d printable) and not so large effector design for the Haydn balls?

  • I've had this with the fans and the magnets took a little while to work it out with Haydn's 360mm arms.

    Are you talking about an effector design? I'm using a waterjet cut aluminium effector its not massive, but you can make a printed one if you think about it as a flat sheet, if you add some spars to keep it from bending. The balls work at practically any angle.

  • I still have a set of the Water jet cut parts if anyone would like a set the carriages are designed for 20mm wide Openbuilds extrusions

    Cost would be £30 plus carriage.

    The parts are water jet cut in 3mm Alluminium.

    Doug (UK Based)

  • DJDemonD, I took some inspiration from your effector and redesigned mine, it is too bad that I loose some z-height now because the hotend is now a lot closer to the build plate, but on the other side part cooling fan designs are now a lot more straightforward.

    Is your holder for the cooling fans available somewhere?


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