Cubex Duo conversion

  • Greetings, I am converting a Cubex Duo, which has dual steppers on the Y axis, single on the Z axis. Is it possible to use the Z axis dual motor sets of pins, and swap Z for Y in firmware? Also, they are opposite rotation, as they both face outwards. I assume the 'stock' Z double motor wiring would need one motor wiring reversed, correct? Having a bit of a hard time visualizing this wiring if using a series dual motor setup.

    Really excited to get my Cubex running on Duet WiFi, as the old brain shorted the Z end stop somehow,. This is my first printer conversion, but I have done a lot of CNC setup in the past. Hoping this goes well, and I can 'rescue' more Cubex's from the clutches of 3D systems pitiful controller. It's a nice size, and a solid mechanical build.

    Thanks in advance for any advice! I'll post pics when complete.

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    Yes, you can swap Y and Z connections and then use the M584 command in config.g to swap them back. You are right, you will need to reverse the wiring order of one of the Y motors.

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    dwboyd63, did you finish this conversion?

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