SOLVED [3.2-RC1] Hotend heater fault with fan on

  • Not sure if this is already known, but I think I have encountered a bug. On the first couple layers of a small object, the temperature setpoint changes, and the fan turns on to 100%, according to my slicer settings. However, the hotend struggles to keep up, and faults with "temperature rising too slowly". I do have a pretty powerful fan, but I'm also using a block sock. This is with a v6 hotend. I did tune with the new algorithm using M303 T0 S245, which did activate the fan.

  • Have you saved the PID tune via M500? Can you Post the confit override.g? There was a small Bug where a space was missing

  • Moderator

    Trying to increase the temp while also turning on the cooling fan is a pretty good way to trip the protection.

    If possible, stagger the fan coming on until after the temp change.

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