BLTouch correct offsets.

  • Hey, im currently using a bltouch on my printer. Im having an x offset of 23mm to the right, or +23mm in x direction, and 6.7mm in the negative y direction. I put it like this in my config.g G31 P500 X-23 Y-6.5 Z3.4.
    The problem with this is, when i define my mesh grid which it should probe, i want to start it on x7. So whenever the nozzle would be on x10 and the probe then on x30. It should then go all the way to 187mm on the x, and 210mm for the probe then. This would mean i have a range for probin between 30mm and 210mm which whould be a 180mm. Now the problem is, however i try to set it, it won't to it correclty, when i say it should start on x7, it will probe on x30 and not on x7. So what do i need to enter, to make it correctly work?

  • @StaticRed Remove that - on the 23. The -23 tells that the probe is -23 towards X0.

    The postioning is the probe , not the hotend.

  • @StaticRed

    If the BLTouch is on the right side and forward of your nozzle it should be

    G31 P500 X23 Y-6.5 Z3.4

  • @Stephen6309 thank you changed it in my config, works now

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