Should I connect enable lines to motor drivers?

  • Hi,

    Can someone give me a fact/opinion as to whether or not I should be bothering to connect the two enable lines to my external motor drivers? In the CNC I'm upgrading they're left open (so I'd need to add another pair). I'm hooking up to a Duet2 + Breakout which does have all 6 pins brought out.

    I do have a rotary axis I almost never use and I leave it unplugged to avoid sitting there stewing. It'd be nice to not have to do that.

    My ball screw-driven Z axis theoretically (slowly) falls to the bed if the motor is off, but it's never moved at all for me on power-off.


  • i do like M84 f.ex. but if you don't need / want software control of the drivers for convenience or power saving then if it works it works, and if it doesn't work you can likely hardwire the signal at the driver to ground or positive as needed.

  • @bearer Thanks.

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