Delta G28 question

  • Most of the time my G28 homes perfectly on my delta but in one scenario it seems to give up before it is fully homed and a second G28 is required.

    The scenario is when probing at the outermost supported radius (170mm) with the effector opposite one of the towers. It is as if it is running out of time before all the carriages reach the stops. Is there a timeout I need to set or do I just need to set my movement speed a bit higher when homing?

    For now I just have each manual probe macro return to X0 Y0 Z25 first before G28 and it seems to be OK.

  • That's happened to me once or twice. I think you just need to increase the XYZ values by 10 or so mm in this line of your homedelta.g file: [c]G1 S1 X330 Y330 Z330 F2500[/c]

  • I had it set at 600 and raised it to 800. My towers are 1000 so maybe 600 was too short.

  • Good info. Have had this happen to me to.

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