Stall detection for all movements

  • Hi all. Im new to reprap firmware and the duet 2 wifi (running firmware version 3.2-beta3.2 , DWC version 3.2.0-beta4). Im trying to setup my i3 printer (a modified Lulzbot taz 6) to be mostly automated with the duet (I will eventually be doing the same with a duet 3 for a cnc mill), and I've been working with stall detection.

    I don't use sensorless homing as I prefer my microswitches, but I do want to use stall detection for automated responses to motor stalls. As far as I can tell, stall detection only works when running a job or a macro, but I'd like to have any motor movements, including basic jogging on the panel due and web control and when homing, to detect stalls to try to avoid damage and speed up my tuning process. Is this possible?

    In regards to the stall detection responses, I'm aware of the "Rehome.g" macro that I can configure my axes to use after a detection is made, but I would like to change the response depending on which axis/axes stalled. I presume I can use conditionals in the "Rehome" macro to call these different response macros, but how would I go about getting identifiers of the stalled motors for use in my conditionals? I thought, worst case scenario, I could use the log/message from the detection for that identifier, but that seems a bit more complicated than necessary.

    I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I delve further into my automation ideas, but any help on this issue would be really appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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    For reference:

    You may also want to update to 3.2 RC2

    I'm not sure how you'd specify a different behaviour based on which axis is stalling.

    When doing tuning if you're worried about crashes, etc, you should probably reduce the motor current. Which is basically the same as stall protection because the motors will be more likely to stall before causing damage.

    For conditional help, check the gcode meta commands forum.