Why can't I select non-16 microstepping on external drivers?

  • I'm upgrading a CNC using a Duet2 with breakout board.

    I was hoping to imitate the original (at least at first) but the external drivers were all set to 8 (or 5) microsteps. As far as I can tell RRF 3.1.1 insists that external drivers must be 16 microsteps. I've changed the external drives and things work but particularly for the screw-driven Z axis there's no reason to have so much microstepping.

    Is there a reason we're limited to 16 on external drivers?


  • @markz
    the microstepping on external drivers is ignored.

    you need to set the correct steps/mm for that microstepping

  • So, the microstep value is only used to convert the steps / unit? Guess that makes sense. Thanks.

  • @markz

    if you change the micro stepping afterward, the firmware automatically adjusts the steps/mm

  • Iirc dc42 said firmware does not adjust steps/mm with changes to microstepping for external drivers.

    So just configure the external drivers to desired microstepping and then steps/mm to as you would for internal drivers

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