Show Hotend Temperature with RGBW-LED Stripe

  • Hello,

    I would like to use a RGBW LED strip to indicate when the hotend is warming up.
    My idea:
    Red --> heating up from e.g. 40-200°C.
    Green --> from 200°C temperature reached.

    Part from config.g

    M950 F7 C "duex.fan7" Q500
    M106 P7 T40 H1

    M950 F8 C "duex.fan8" Q500
    M106 P8 T200 H1

    I have connected + and red to Duex.Fan 7, and only green to Duex.Fan8.

    Is this correct?
    Or should I program this better via Meta GCode?
    Unfortunately I have no idea about this 😉

  • Today I Set up the Duet Heater Output E2-E4 for 3 Colors.

    Then I added in Stat GCode the M42 P7 S0.1 aond the Red LED´s turn on.
    With M116 I have inserted a pause so that the red LED's light up until the hotend temperature is reached.
    Then red is switched off and green is switched on.

    In the end Gcode green is switched off and blue is switched on (cool down).

    I would like the LED's to flash, how do I insert a pause?

  • Thanks. Works now

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