FSR requires pullup resistor? "^zprobe.in" or just "zprobe.in"?

  • Hi, I've got a Rostock Max v3 with the Ultibots FSR Kit installed, which means the FSR sensors are connected to a "JohnSL FSR Endstop Controller" and then that to the probe pin of a Duet 2 Wifi.

    It's been a day of work figuring out all of the things needed to change in my config.g to get the delta up and running with the latest RRF3 firmware. I think the last step may be figuring out how to properly set up for my FSR sensors.

    The question is, should my M558 line be:

    M558 P5 C"zprobe.in" H5 F600 T2400


    M558 P5 C"^zprobe.in" H5 F600 T2400

    Thanks for any help or information.

  • It's a two terminal sensor? If so you'd most likely need the pull up

  • Might have been inadvisable, but I decided the likely worst thing that would happen if I got it wrong was that it wouldn't detect the plate and would crash through it, and I was ready to cut the power in that case, so I went with C"^zprobe.in". It's been fine.

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