Programming help - python - openCV

  • Hi to all !
    I would need some help regarding work in opencv.
    Basically it's simple work ( 2-3 days ) for someone who knows opencv package and python. There are multiple reasons why i post this here and if someone has interest in this and similar future project ( based on Duet3d ) i will gladly explain.
    Short description:

    • robot works as pickup and relocate machine for objects on conveyor track.
    • our work on rotary delta robot is 95% done and is working as expected but i would like to add camera offset and synchronize robot pickup time with conveyor track .
    • at the moment camera is located in the center of robot axes and it will be relocated some 80 cm away from center.

    If someone has interest in such project(s), please let me know.

    Thank you all in advance !

  • Hi Arnix,
    I think I am working in kinda same project as yours, I'm building a 6 axis robotic arm and I will be using a Jetson running a python/opencv/open3d for the IK, object detection and sending the instructions to a Duet 3 for the movements and actuators.
    my email is

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