UNSOLVED Heatbed Automatically Starting 2?

  • Good morning,
    I'm sorry, my english google translator; (
    It happens to me that getting out of the hot bed starts by itself. y is after 2 min + o-. I can't stop it.
    If I remove the sd it also happens; (
    I have nothing connected only F.A 24v

    1. With the bed heater disconnected, does the bed heat LED turn on as soon as you apply VIN power to the board?

      No . it takes 2 min for the led to turn on

    2. Do you have the bed heater connected directly to the bed heater output terminals, or some other arrangement?

      Not by ssr at 220v. Although with all disconnected motors, hotend thermistor, etc ... until the sd. The led after 2 minutes turns on

    3. What sort of bed heater are you using, and what VIN voltage are you using?

      300x300 220v F.a 24v

    4. How long have you had the board? Your supplier may be prepared to replace it under warranty.

      2 years and something but in a drawer. It is a hobby. and for work and etc. I had to leave the project aside


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    Is it the LED on the board or on the SSR that turns on?

    What Duet board is it?

  • Duet wifi
    Both the ssr and the wifi duet are turned on.
    If I disconnect the ssr. Only the wifi duet.

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    And the bed heat LED turns on even when the SD card is removed, but only after 2 minutes after startup?

  • If without sd card, the bed Led lights up. Sometimes it is almost instantaneous. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes.
    It goes on and off until it just turns on.
    I have asked for a couple of mosfets to have if that's it.
    If not then I will use output E1 to activate the Ssr.

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    When and where did you purchase the Duet? If it was purchased recently from an authorized reseller it would likely be covered under warranty.

  • It is impossible since the duet is 2 years and 2 months old.
    It was in a drawer it was a project that I left aside

  • Is there a way to know if the problem is coming from the mosfet or from some other site.

    Thank you

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    It would seem that the mosfet has failed in the on position.

    Can you take the duet out completely and get some clear, close-up, well-lit photos of the board?

  • Buff with a Galaxy Nexus that's impossible. 😞
    Ok I already ordered a pair of mosfets.
    As soon as they arrive and put them in an electronic store.
    I comment if the problem has been fixed
    Thank you.

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