Geeetech Rostock 301 with Duet WiFi/Duex 5 and BLTouch

  • Here's a couple links to Thingiverse for a retrofitted Geeetech Rostock 301 I created. One is for an adapter plate to fit the Duet WiFi/Duex 5 to the printer (or any other GT2560 based machine for that matter like the G2S Pro Mini) and the other is an effector mount for the BLTouch with configuration files for the Duet WiFi. - Duet WiFi Adapter Plate for GT2560 / Geeetech G2S Pro Mini / Rostock 301 - BLTouch Sensor Mount - Geeetech Rostock 301

    Happy Printing!

  • Update - This combo is working very well for me now with the latest Duet WiFi firmware updates (>v1.19). I especially like having macros for the BLTouch and probing calibration points on the bed.


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