Probe header

  • What are the four probe header pins for? I'm using David's dIR probe. Do I use Z_PROBE_IN or Z_PROBE_MOD for the signal line?

  • Z_PROBE_IN the _MOD is for the modulated type that where supplied by RepRapPro on the Ormerod and is supplied for Compatability with those probes.

    I set mine up finally yesterday and hope to do some serious testing later today once I get work finished


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    Currently the Probe connector is only for sensors that can produce an analog output, such as my IR sensor. As Doug says, ignore the MOD pin. Other sorts of Z probe should use the E0 endstop connector and probe type 4 in the M558 command in config.g.

    I plan to add probe type 5 which would be a probe with a digital output but connected to the Probe connector instead of E0 endstop.

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