Z axis Hall + BLTouch

  • I'm working for to build and configure a Core XY printer, for now seem that all work very well, at the present time I am using a mechanical switch for the Y axis, one optical contact for X axis and one Hall sensor for Z axis.
    Everything works as expected, I did not consider a problem the bed mesh leveling because the bed was made very strong, it is built and fixed very well and I think there should not be this kind of problems.
    However ….. since I have a BLTouch, I wondered if was possible to continue to use the Hall sensor for homing the Z axis and also use a BLTouch solely and exclusively to make the bed level map.
    Does anyone have a suggestion? A link to docs or setup?
    I tried to look at the duet wiki but I didn't find anything specific.
    Thanks in advance

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    Yes you can continue to use use an endstop switch for Z homing if you wish even if you have a Z probe.

  • I use this on a corexy, I have a mechanical homing switch at Z-max (bottom) of the machine, which is setup so that Home Z and Home All home to this switch. Connect it to z-endstop on duet. I also have various z probes all over the machine on test, which are connected to the Z probe port on the duet, and which can be used to home Z but using G30 rather than G28 (+/-) Z, and for mesh height map, bed levelling etc…

    I think there is a lot to be said for this approach.

    As for how to set it up, my home z and home all, are not quite the "proper" way to do it, there was a thread on homing recently where the correct gcode was given, or see the wiki.

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