Gcode postproces with fusion 360

  • What postprocessor do you guys use for a CNC with a duet 2 wifi?

    I tried multiple ones like:

    They all don't work with the duet 2. Like when I send it to the machine it just goes to the home position.
    I hope someone can help me with it.

  • Hi,
    Not sure if this will help you. Im running a Duet 3 6HC with a raspberry pi3b+. My cnc is an Openbuilds Lead 1010 with high z mode.
    I use the Ooznest post processor for fusion-360 as the Workbee lead screw cnc is practically the same. Ive loaded the post processor into my Fusion 360 Library> Assets> CAMPost.


    Im still pretty new to cnc, Duet controllers and RepRap firmware so i cant say how perfect it runs but it works well on the jobs ive done already.

  • Hello,

    I use the Reprap post processor. its an option from fusion 360. this allows me to use the M3 and M7 for spindle and mist cooling.

    Good luck.

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