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  • Thanks to the forum and its generous users for all the help in getting my system up and running ..

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    whose help has been instrumental in finishing

    Special thanks to dc42 for all of your time and effort , your patience has been greatly appreciated ..


    With a 4 screw based bed, individual screws adjusted to level as best as , what would you recommend for automating the leveling process?

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  • P.S. I was thinking of using a similar approach to Simplify3D in the short term –Just have a script check 5-6 spots on the bed (bed.g?)

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    Sink, your thanks is appreciated. The reason I can spend most of my time doing development and support is thanks to all of you who have purchased Series 2 Duets and accessories.

    Plenty of people will tell you that you should use 3 screws to level the bed, not 4. But if you want to use 4, this is my suggestion, assuming that you have a Z probe:

    • Use the 1.19 Release candidate firmware (always read the upgrade notes at before upgrading firmware)

    • Define the XY coordinates of the 4 bed adjusting screws using the M671 command.

    • Set up a bed.g file with at least 4 G30 commands in it defining probe points, one close to each adjusting screw. Additional probe points are optional. The last G30 command should have the S4 parameter, indicating that you want to perform 4-leadscrew bed levelling.

    • Run G32. Because you haven't used M584 to set up multiple Z motors, when it has finished probing it can't adjust individual Z motors, so instead it will tell you how much height adjustment is needed on each adjusting screw.

    • From the thread pitch of the adjusting screws you are using, work out how many turns of each screw this corresponds to. Maybe in a future version of the firmware I'll work this out for you.

  • Hi Again,
    you are welcome and it is a pleasure .. running my first print now and I am up to 125% of speed I ran on the Prusa and this thing is quiet and smooth.. Print started in a weird position but will open a different question on that.. Was watching the cpu temp and it was slowly rising hit 42 deg and I put a 80MM-12V fan on the board enclosure .. temp now down to 33 .. will add that to my next case design .. awesome so far ..
    I have no Z Probe .. what would you recommend?

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    I have no Z Probe .. what would you recommend?

    It's possible to use the approach I described without a Z probe. Set the Z probe type to 0 and then at each probe point, DWC will prompt you to jog the head down until it just touches the bed.

    Regarding Z probes, there are lots of different types available. Here are some of them

    • The IR one that I make and you can buy from me, duet3d and Filastruder. It's small and light but a bit fussy about bed surface. See

    • For a delta printer, the delta effector with built-in nozzle contact probe that we are about to release. See

    • Piezo sensors or force sensitive resistors (FSRs), either mounted within the print head or under the bed supports. There are threads about piezo sensors in this forum.

    • Inductive sensors. Big and heavy compared to most other types, and most types are not very good with glass beds over aluminium.

    • BLTouch and its clones. Has patents applied for and is not open source, so against the spirit of RepRap.

    • Capacitive sensors. Not recommended because of temperature and moisture sensitivity.

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