M112 and G28 Through USB and Fetching Current Position

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    we are developing a machine using your electronics and we are facing an issue, if we send a G28 thought USB (Serial Port) and we send a M112 before it ends, that M112 don't work, it waits until the G28 ends to send the Emergency Stop, is there anyway to interrupt that G28 ?

    Other question is if we can fetch the current position of the head, our application is not a 3D Printer, is a CNC so the movements are slow, and our customer wants to see the actual position in a visualizer, but we don't know how to know the exact position os the head, because if we send the M114 we get the end of the movement.

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  • Try M999 instead

  • Hi,

    With v3 firmware, at least 3.1.1 and 3.2.0 you have access to the firmware Object Model.

    For example move.axes[0].machinePosition gives the current position for axis 0.

    If you enable TELNET using...

    M586 S1 P2 T0

    ...you can use the following to send that data to a TELNET client connected to your printer.

    M118 L0 P4 S{"move.axes[0].machinePosition = " ^ move.axes[0].machinePosition}

    If axis 0 is positioned at 10 then the result on the client is...

    move.axes[0].machinePosition = 10.000

    If you create a file in the system folder called daemon.g and it contained that M118 command the TELNET client would receive a message once per second.

    What I don't know is if this would work when the firmware was executing a job file.


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