Turning on/off 2nd PSU (for bed heater)

  • Hey guys,

    I have 2 PSUs in my printer, a big one for the bed and a smaller one for the Duet 3. The PSU for the bed heater is unfortunately really noisy and I wish to turn it off whenever the printer is on but not printing.

    Fortunately the PSU offers a remote control function as shown in the following figure and in this documentation


    So basically I just need a switch to short or open the circuit. However, my knowledge in electronics is very limited and searching the forums did not really help me much and uncertainties always remained. Could somebody tell me how resp. where exactly I would connect the 2 pins of the PSU (PIN2 & PIN6 as shown in the figure above) on the Duet 3?

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Veti said in Turning on/off 2nd PSU (for bed heater):



    Thanks I have found that thread already myself but it did not help me a lot. As I said, I am not much of an expert in electronics. The solution with the PCB at the end of the thread seems to be for an MW RSP-500-24 which is a bit different than the RSP-1000-48 I have. For instance, the logic levels for remote control are not inverted here and apparently directly compatible with the Duet. Also in my case I do not want to turn on/off the PSU that directly powers the Duet but only a 2nd PSU.

    Hence, the question if I still need the PCB or if I can connect the PSU directly to the Duet and if yes, to which pins?

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