Is there a classifieds? Wanting to try a duex 5 for an idea

  • Long story short, I'm moving house and need to change how one of my printers will work where I'm moving. I'm currently using a Duet Wifi for the majority of the functions with a Arduino board handling the chamber heating and vent control along with nozzle wipe stepper triggered by a nozzle activated limit switch on the ramps (although currently not operational as failed 10% of the time).

    From this I think switching out the standalone Arduino board for a Duex integrated with the Duet wifi as this will be the best option as can control remotely and watch via webcam as can't be set next to it watching it like a hawk as I can currently when working but was wondering with the release of the Duet 3 boards, if a few people were wanting to offload old Duex boards as trying to stretch the pennies at the moment? - UK based if that makes a difference!

    Feel free to delete if this is banned (sorry) but couldn't spot if there was a classifieds or if it was banned or not!

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    It's fine. Hopefully someone here has what you're after.

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