SOLVED White Screen after attempted firmware update

  • Setting up my new Duet36HC board. I updated the firmware on the Duet3 mainboard to the most recent version and have the Panel Due 7i connected. I was getting a constant connecting message at the top of the screen so I tried to update the firmware on the paneldue to the most recent firmware 3.2.10. I followed the insallation instruction from the wiki by uploading the .bin file to the duet and then sending M997 S4 to the console. It tried connect to the panel due but kept getting this error message. "Error: Failed to communicate with PanelDue bootloader (no START signal received). Please try again or press the Erase and Reset switches on PanelDue." so I tried to press the erase button for 1 second then the reset button but now I only get a white screen on the panel due and no response from the erase or reset buttons.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • try the normal flash via bossa for the paneldue

  • Flashed the firmware with BOSSA and it is showing the most recent firmware. Thanks for that!

    I am still getting the "connecting" message continually though and if I try to send a move command I get no response. Thoughts?

  • did you enable the paneldue in your config.g?

  • @Veti yes I used the M575 P1 B57600 S1 in the config.g file.

  • was there a time that the paneldue was working?

  • @Veti no I have not had it working yet.

  • post a picture of the connector for the paneldue on the duet

  • I had swapped the in and out. Thanks for walking me through it. The in on the panel has to go to the out of the duet and vice versa. Silly little things right.

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