request for auto mesh probe resizing

  • A nice feature would be to have the duet only probe the area to be printed.

    Probing takes forever when using a printer with a 500x500mm bed to print a 30mm part!

  • this can not be done easily on the duet. this could be done in the slicer.
    if the slicer offers those as variables it would be easy to create the mesh grid command before a g29

  • I probe the entire bed (500*500) once and save the result. It takes more than 2 hrs by the time you do multiple (slow) probes for each point and there are 441 probe points. I never probe for each print!

    It is easy to set up a macro to do a smaller area of the bed if you need a higher density of probe points but then you would have to worry about placing the model precisely where your probed area is. You could do a 250 * 250 probe area, have the 441 maximum points over that area and then load that offset profile for smaller prints when needed.

  • @nick9one1 Firmware v3.x, I use G32 in my start code and in bed.g I have:
    M561 ; clear any bed transform
    G29 S1
    if result > 1
    G29 S0

    As long as heightmap.csv exists, it'll just load the height map.

  • If the slicer can emit the X/Y extents of the print this should be possible now.

    M557 X[slicer_minX]:[slicer_maxX] Y[slicer_minY]:[slicer_maxY] S10

    If the slicer cannot emit those numbers you can post-process the Gcode file with Python and extract them by looking for the min/max coordinated in G1 commands. Then insert the required line into the Gcode file (maybe by replacing a special comment in the startup gcode).

  • If you search the forum for "Cura Script to Automatically Probe Only Printed Area" that thread contains Python scripts (and detailed instructions) you can add to your slicer (Cura, S3D and Prusa Slicer) to automatically probe the bed for the area occupied by your model. This has been working very well for me using both Prusa Slicer and Cura.

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