UNSOLVED 3.3beta1 PID Issues

  • Hi,
    I'm actually running RRF3.3beta1 and after a SD Card corruption (dumb things in a macro file), i can't manage to get a good PID for my hotend, it's a 24V 40W heater, so nothing exotic, also i have a sock.

    When i'm done with the M303 and i've saved it, i can't heat my hotend without getting fault heating too slow, i managed to get this "fixed" (not with fan on) by changing some value of the PID randomly, but i can't get it stable no matter what i do.

    Does someone have an idea of what can i do to solve that ?

    Line touched : M307 H1 R2.171 C252.019:150.867 D0.75 S1.00 V24.4 B0
    Line untouched : M307 H1 R8.096 C125.0:118.0 D0.50 S1.00 V24.4

  • Finally, i've got it as good as i can, it's stable, i had to do it the "old way" and with a lot and lot of guessing but i did it.

  • What hot end combination are you running?

    Do you run a config_override.g file that is overwriting you commands in the standard config?

  • Yes, i run a config_override, and i don't have any PID set in the config.g for my hotend, unfortunately, i'm not allowed to mention my hotend ^^

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