Found a Strange motor, can I use?

  • I'm REALLY hoping I can use this motor, it apparently has very high torque for its volume as well as weight. I really want to try to use this as an extruder motor for obvious reasons.

    It is a little black and silver [Nema 17 pancake stepper]–-sized rotary motor. The company most likely was acquired by The Faulhaber Group.

    The only page I could find when I typed the numbers into Google was PUMR40 appears to be the model, with the number on bottom reading "A305P40M004" and I don't know if they are just super high precision stepper or a different type of motor altogether like PiezoElectric rotary motors. I've also read about PiezoElectric Rotary Stepper-Type motors so there's a lot of confusion.

    This is the only site that I found anything similar to the motor, so maybe if it it was acquired by The Faulhaber Group, it might be a recent acquisition.

    The more I Google words I see describing this motor, the more I believe it is a PiezoElectric Rotary Motor. That doesn't particularly surprise me given the name of the company: PiezoTech. It would be foolish not to check and even more foolish not to double check me because I just found this in a box here and though it was a geared pancake stepper (can't turn the shaft by hand).

    According to Wikipedia:

    "Regardless of locking type, stepping type piezoelectric motors—linear and rotary—use the same mechanism to create movement…"

    but can they be driven by the same driver?? And is this a stepping type piezoelectric motor? It sounds like they complete the same job to different levels of precision and in different ways, they are nearly identical in form factor and it's four wire soooo I thought it was a little high-quality pancake stepper when I first found it. With that said, BLDC accomplish the same goal in extremely different ways, so I have no idea what to think. If someone cannot tell me quickly here, I'll call about it, I'd rather not have to.

    We have a few of these here, I've been told PiezoElectric Motors are among the most accurate. Could someone else look into this? I don't fully understand what I am looking at.

    Thank you in advance, I'm building a Prusa/AnetA8 out of 2040 for my local FabLab and I need a few high torque Steppers for my Z and E and if I could use these, I'll have a real light X carriage hopefully giving me direct drive while minimizing the possibility of overtravel at higher print speeds.

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    Sadly the torque figures quoted on that web page are meaningless, because "gf" is a unit of force, not torque.

    I would be very surprised if conventional stepper drivers can drive piezo motors. Most likely they need high voltage pulses. However, the TULA EV-Kit(PMC-1202) listed on that page says it has "External pulse control - step/dir" so you could probably use that module as an external driver connected to the Duet.

  • As helpful as that is, I haven't the slightest clue how I would even begin hooking that up. That seems overly complicated. It also makes me think that if I have to use that (1) can I get my hands on one at all (2) what will it cost (3) is it worth it?

    The piezo motors are most likely overkill for this. Where could I get super high performance Steppers that aren't cheap Chinese crap? I think my Google is to tailored to the cheap stuff. What other Steppers exist besides the Nema Steppers? Forget cost, I just want better motors right now without getting into BLDC. What should I use??

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    What problems are you having with Chinese stepper motors?

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