Connected to wrong SSID - Oops!

  • Just got the duet wifi going tonight! First of all, I've got three things to say:

    • I have no idea what I am doing.

    • I will never try to crimp cables with pliers again.

    • This thing is AWESOME.

    Over to my question though - I was an airhead and connected to the wrong access point on setup. Any way to reset this?

    When I try m588, m589, and m587, I get 'unsupported command.'

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    (Side note, it's 3AM over here and I probably shouldn't be mucking this - but if it was during the day I'd just ask my roommate to turn the AP off for a bit. )

  • administrators

    M587/588/589 are supported in firmware 1.19 which will be released on Monday. There is a release candidate available now if you want to try it. See for how to upgrade, but use the latest 1.19RC version and DWC1.19RC1.

  • Thanks man! I'll give it a spin! 😄 You have no idea how excited I am to play with this thing again.

  • Eyyyy it works! 😄 Pretty painless! Thank you!

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