How to leave hotend and bed on after Pause->Cancel

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if this is different from the WebUI as it is from the Paneldue but when pausing a print job from the PanelDue Print screen then Cancelling the job, the hotend and bed both start to cool down. How to make them stay on after a cancelled job? I cancel many times before a job looks like it is going to work. 😛
    Waiting for reheating is frustrating.

    Here is my default (?) pause.g

    ; Pause macro file
    M83					; relative extruder moves
    G1 E-4 F2500		; retract 4mm
    G91					; relative moves
    G1 Z5 F5000			; raise nozzle 2mm
    G90					; absolute moves
    G1 X0 Y85 F5000		; move head out of the way of the print

  • administrators

    You can keep them on by creating a cancel.g file in /sys. This file will be executed when you pause and then cancel a print. If the file is not found then the default action is to turn the heaters off.

  • cancel.g of course!

    Thank you.

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