Extruder having problems - way to test on second driver?

  • Heya - so everything's going great except for the extruder. I took the side of the casing off to see what was up, it looks like it's just moving in a back and forth motion. I've tried re-crimping (this time properly) the cables and testing them for continuity with a meter. So - I've got a few questions:

    • Is there a way to test using the second extruder driver to rule that out?

    • Is there a way to disable the low-temp warning on using the extruder for easier troubleshooting? (Obviously - I'd remove the filament first before testing this.)

    • Anything obviously dumb I'm doing?

    Let me know if uploading a video would help! It literally just ticks back and forth.

  • M302 P1 enable cold extrude (P0 to disable cold extrude)

  • Thanks! That worked.

    Hm. Seems like there's something weird going on with the extrude on the web interface controls. When sending extrusion manually it seems fine (and crazy fast.) I'll do some more tinkering. It might just be a configuration issue.

  • Hm. Pretty stumped.

    I guess the windings are good on the motor (hooked them up to some LEDs and those are flashing when I manually turn it. ) Any tips on troubleshooting? Tomorrow I'll get the pinout on the steppers and hook it up manually with jumpers to rule out faulty wiring.

    Edit 2:
    Never mind. Faulty wiring. WTF level is at 10/10. Thanks guys. @_@

    I'm getting a beer.

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