Authentication for using the web interface

  • Having just moved to the Duet Wifi after using Octoprint on an older board, the only feature I'm missing is the ability to add authentication to the web interface.

    The option of requiring a username and password to make changes to printer settings meant I could make the device available externally and make changes/check on prints when not at home. I wouldn't be confident doing the same with my Duet in case someone else should stumble upon the link and either accidentally or intentionally change a setting which might damage the printer/surroundings.

    Would it be at all possible to implement something like this?

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    Password protection is already implemented, see

  • Thank-you very much for that link! My search terms were a tad too specific I think.

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    Be aware that we do not recommend making the Duet/DWC available on the public internet. If you want to access it remotely I highly recommend using a VPN to connect to the local network.

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