Duet Wifi First Impressions / Review video by RWGresearch

  • Hey guys and gals! I made this video about The Duet Wifi, gave some good info, hope its all corect 😉 i know one part was not so i added some text for that.

    any how, feel free to post and share the video where ever you like… might help boost more interest! ( i would hope)


    Thanks for all the hart work on this stuff guys!

    This is the future of open source 3D printing!!!! you / we are leading the way! congrats on the progress and I'm sure Manny unheard voices are saying the same!

    ok Lets get back at it! we got lots to do still 😉

    ~Russ Gries

  • I think watching this video from youtube is what got me interested and so thanks!!! I was wondering when I would see you in this forum….

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