Over temperature shutdown on drivers 3

  • Earlier this year, I disconnected my extruder motor without turning power off first, destroying the E0 driver. So I switched to using E1 instead. That has worked fine, but in firmware 1.19, I keep getting "Error: Over temperature shutdown on drivers 3" every second or so. Is there any way to disable the driver or something, so I can get rid of this message?


  • Okay, it seems it's even worse. These messages start appearing when I first turn on 24V power and if I close the web interface, they start to accumulate. Less than half an hour of that, and the board appears to crash. Not reachable via network and it doesn't respond to G-code commands over USB anymore, until I reset the board. If I leave it with the PS_ON power turned off, so the messages never start to appear (or let the web interface drain the message queue!), the board stays responsive as expected.

    I guess I will have to either downgrade to 1.18 or swap the board for the one in my secondary printer. 😕

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    Or you could get the driver replaced. Which country are you in?

    You've been unlucky to destroy a TMC2660 driver by unplugging the motor with power applied. I tried many times but failed.

  • I could. I'm in Sweden.

    It's just a bummer that firmware 1.19 hangs the printer, whereas with 1.18 I could just ignore the bad driver and use E1 instead without any issue at all.

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