Ormerod 2 Z-Probe/Microswitch Limits & config.g missing M574?

  • Hi All,

    Slowly bringing myself back up to speed here! While I've mentioned it in other threads this is relating to the conversion of an Ormerod 2 into a Core X-Y D-Bot system.

    I'm looking at the wiring diagram for the Ormerod 2 Duet 0.6 and the proximity sensor connects to the X-Axis motor stop pins and the Expansion header. I've just realised that the connections to the x-motor stop pins are convenience only, and the proximity sensor only takes a GND and a+3.3V supply from the x-stop pins. I would like to move all of these pins to the expansion header, so use the ground and +3.3V signal from there and have an active high microswitch on the x-axis. Is there any issues with that?

    I've checked my config.g on the ormerod but I can't see how I've defined the limit switches without using M574. It seems fine on the homing routines using the S1 command, but can't see where the y-axis (bed) has been set as an active high microswitch or to use the z-probe for x and z axis…

  • Ok, just updated the firmware upto 1.19. No idea what I was running before. I'm guessing the information about the y-axis end stop must have been defaults.

    If someone could edit the wikis for USB flashing of the firmware it may save other people a few headaches! When running bossac.exe I needed to run the –port= option in order for the firmware to flash. Without this the program just hung on a new line on the CMD with a flashing cursor.

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    Really old versions of RRF didn't use the M574 command, and you had to use G92 commands in the homing files to tell it where the head (probably) was when the homing move completed. With newer versions, you don't need the G92 commands if you have set up the M208 axis limits correctly, and you can home X and Y simultaneously.

    The X1 parameter in the M558 command tells RRF to use the proximity sensor instead of ane endstop switch for the X axis.

  • Ok, thanks for explaining that.

    No issues with moving all of the proximity sensor wiring to the expansion header and having a microswitch on the x-stop connection?

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    I think you will find that the proximity sensor is connected to the E0 endstop connector, not the X. In which case, no need to move it.

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