DuetWebControl 1.19 - Lost then Found - Please change documentation

  • Long story short, please expand and clarify these instructions https://duet3d.com/wiki/Updating_WiFi_firmware_or_DuetWebControl_files

    I updated the three 1.19 components, but, as usual, I must've done something wrong. I had control through the PanelDue and over USB via Octoprint but no WiFi. I followed these instructions


    which restored WiFi access. M552 shows it getting an IP address and my DHCP server shows it asked for that address.

    Unfortunately, no web interface appeared available. I've tried to follow the instructions for the DuetWebControl here:


    but it didn't seem to work. I found the instructions a bit confusing because all it says is this:

    "If the web interface is not working, then move the SD card to a PC, delete or rename any existing /www folder, create a new one, and extract the contents of DuetWebControl.zip into it."

    That seems like it means for me to create a directory called /www at root level (not in /sys). When I unzip DuetWebControl.zip, it creates a folder called "DuetWebControl-1.19" Was I supposed to put that folder in /www or the contents of that folder in /www?

    Eventually I concluded the www directory is in fact at root (which is what the documentation says but does not emphasize) and the /www directory should be loaded with the contents of the folder the zip file creates and NOT the unzipped folder. It needs to be made clear that /www will then contain /www/css, /www/fonts, /www/js, and some gzip files.

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