Rollback to 1.18 and wifi problems

  • Hello, first sorry my poor english.
    yesterday I update my duet wifi to 1.19 and i got many problems with wifi about poor signal and it loses the conection with my router. I could check many ping loses.
    So I decided to rollback to 1.18 and seems to work fine with very good wifi signal and stable conection.
    The problem is that every time that I reboot the duet it forget my wifi network and it is necessary to be paired again by conecting with my mobile to Wifiduet and doing the wifi setup.
    Can you help me please?
    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    Have you tried setting your router WiFi channel to a fixed one e.g. 6 instead of auto? Some users have reported that this makes the connection more stable.

  • thankyou for your answer, yes, I just try again by updating to 1.19 and the wifi conection is unstable. Revert back to 1.18 and conection is perfect but it doesn't remenber my wifi network and password when I reboot the printer.
    Where are those settings stored? maybe is a wrong file permission?
    thanks again

  • administrators

    The wifi SSID and password are stored in flash memory on the wifi module. What might work is installing 1.19 firmware and wifi firmware again, sending M588 S"*" to delete the 1.19 data in that area of memory, then reverting to 1.18.

    I'm puzzled that you are finding 1.19 much worse than 1.18.

  • thanks, I updated to 1.19, sent M588 S"*" and yes, it forgot my network settings. Then go back to 1.18 due to poor wifi signal in 1.19 and constant conection loses but again it is necessary to go to DuetWifi with my mobile and set it up for my network every time i reboot the board 😞
    Even I pressed the erase button and do Fallback procedure #3 but no luck.
    Thanks for your help

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