Issues with DWC and Panel Due after fitting effector (Solved)

  • Well all was good with the beta effector now with the release one it all seems to work ok but whenever I try to open anything to edit in DWC (such as the Config.g file) I get it open in a very small box maybe 2 lines by 12-15 characters wide but the window grows (Got the box sorted by dragging it out within the window) to full height. but when scrolling down to select ok Close or whatever the windows just keeps growing. Also when trying to view the mesh grid it opens in a small window as well and you cant see it.

    This happens within Chrome on both a Mac and Win 7 machine.

    All this worked before swapping out the effector.

    Any advice before I start re-flashing Firmware and I am on 1.19 of all 3


    This must be something silly that I just can't put my finger on just yet

    Re-loaded the DWC Files and all now ok Why it should have got corrupted is anybodies guess

  • administrators

    I'm glad you fixed it. Please mark this thread as solved

  • David how do I mark it as solved rather than just put Solved in the title

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